Welcome to Thai Buddha amulets.
We Presenting genuine Thai Buddha amulets,
pendants or artifacts in the state of best condition.

This is all amulet from all great guru monks in Nakhon Si Thammarat and Southern Thailand.
The life of the Buddha and his teachings spread through the sacred art of Thailand,
A country globally well known for its traditional and beautiful interpretation of Buddhist art.

We presenting Thai Buddha amulets, pendants, statues and other Buddhist holy items from various.
Thai Buddhist guru monks for various purposes such as :

  • improvement of luck,
  • fortune,
  • harmproof,
  • knifeproof and rediating with charm.
  • relationship and ward off evil and other more.

We offered genuine Thai southern amulets in good conditions.
Most of the amulets conditions are in Thai southern Buddha images competition standards,
well preserved in good conditions.

We also hope to shared more knowledge with Thai amulets enthusiasts and wearers from different region
and hope the establishment of our website would be beneficial to all Thai amulets enthusiasts and wearers.

We ship Thai Buddha amulets/artifacts by registered mail worldwide to anywhere.
Prices shown on our website are exclusive of registered mail charge.

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